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WVIP 93.5 WVIP, now broadcasting with vastly improved power!
Caribbean Exclusive The only station in the Tri-State area broadcasting Caribbean music and news every day!
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The New WVIP

WVIP...Where Many Different Voices Are Heard

  • WVIP, Big Time!
    Now broadcasting High Definition from New York City

  • WVIP Gets Your Message Across in All The Right Places!
    Find out how to get your message across on The Local Station With The National Reputation!

What Is HD Radio?

HD Radio

One of the most popular features of HD Radio Technology is the extra channels that you receive when you listen to HD Radio broadcasts. These extra channels are called HD2/HD3 Channels, and are located on the FM dial, adjacent to your long-time favorite stations. Your local radio stations are inventing all...

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